Alexandria Hawthorne

Spreading the good word of the God Emperor throughout the Calaxis sector


I’m a Preacher who is known to be pretty good with a gun and a bow. I currently carry an array of weapons which include an autopistol with armor piercing rounds, a boltgun with inferno rounds, a bow with mono-tipped arrows, and a grenade launcher. You’ll usually see me in the field wearing my trusty flak armor. Some of my more social skills include inquiry, awareness, scrutiny, deceive, barter, and charm. For a good time, call…


I grew up on an imperial shrine world as the daughter of an Adeptas Sororitas mother and an arbiter father. The good word of the God Emperor has been instilled in me from a young age. I love people who stand up for the Empire’s values and hate heretics. Xenos and mutants just plain creep me out.

Alexandria Hawthorne

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