A quiet, no-nonsense feral-worlder carrying an array of deadly blades and a hardened look in his eyes telling all that he is eager to use them.


Gender: Male
Build: Strapping
Height: 2.1 M
Weight: 120 KG
Skin color: Lt. Brown
Hair color: Blonde, shoulder length with trimmed beard
Eye color: Gray
Age: 20

Wears an ash-grey hardened body glove with hood and anti detection fiber; this form fitting armor is generally worn under a fur-lined cloak or other loose-fitting garb. Weapons worn are well cared for and razor sharp, but tend to become thick with gore and dried blood that is rarely cleaned save during honing and oiling.
His three trademark weapons: A finely crafted stiletto with only the tip sharpened;a wickedly hooked axe that looks reminiscent of an executioner’s blade; a longsword as thick (or as thin) as a razor and always holding a deadly-keen edge. Inscribed upon the sword are the words: “The wielder of this weapon is doing the God Emperor’s will.”


“Yet even shadows have their shapes which live
Where I imagine them to be, the hordes
Of vanished souls whose eyes acknowledge mine."
~ Charles Baudelaire

I am Moritat. A razor-fine edge offering blood with every breath to the God Emperor’s Glory.
The words are for others, the accolades and acknowledgements can fall where they will and I shall calmly step over them, for blood is the only badge of honor that I crave.
Blood is my shrine and my sanctuary – every drop I carve from His enemies is a whispered prayer to the God Emperor’s eternal will, and I shall spill blood in His name until the very last drop flows from my unworthy veins.


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