Maximus Gore

Built like a Mastiff, Gore cuts a dangerous form, his crystal blue eyes eerily watching everything around him.


Maximus is a little over average height, standing at 1.52 meters and weighing 95kg, Maximus is powerfully built. Maximus keeps his hair shaved tight to his head, and prefers to wear his Judge Armor under a large cloak made of a mammoth hide. Maximus has several nasty scars on his face, enhancing his sour demeanor. His eyes, crystal blue, are what really tends to terrify those who incur his wrath. Out of his armor, Gore prefers typical workers clothes, with his mammoth hide trench coat.


The Arbitraitor known as Maximilian Gore was born to Nikola Gore, an infamous Commissar and Jenillis Denar, a battle priest, both working for the Inquisition. Shortly after his birth, Maximilian’s parents were killed during an Orc invasion on the planet Shellzan. Maximilian was counted among the handful of survivors on Shellzan, and for his parents sacrifice, two year old Maximilian was sent to the Schola Progenium.
Life was cruel and difficult on Maximilian, first with fitting in, and then with his schooling and training. The later was brought on by his father’s notorious name among the Imperial Guardsmen, which brought a lot of undo and unwelcome attention to him from other children and from his instructors.
At the age of fourteen, Maximilian was approached by a group of boys lead by one of the most vicious orphans at the Schola Progenium, Trey Wyne. Trey and his followers cornered Maximilian and began to torment him for amusement. Maximilian lost his composure, and lashed out at Trey, splitting the older boys chin open. Wyne’s friends proceeded to beat Maximilian relentlessly. Maximilian fought back, but was quickly overcome. Once Maximilian was beaten and barely conscious, Wyne took a knife and sliced the younger boy’s face repeatedly, leaving horrible scars.
Maximilian was left for dead in the hallway, only to be found by one of the Clerics, who rushed him to a medical treatment center. Maximilian never revealed who had assaulted him, but many of the instructors had their suspicions.
For his part, Maximilian poured himself into his studies and classes, excelling in both combat training and scholastic lore. Two years passed before he had occasion to meet up with Wyne and his crew, by then Wyne was dangerously close to being kicked out of the school, along with several of his more loyal toadies. Wyne, for whatever reason, decided to once again make Maximilian a victim. However, when Maximilian chose to ignore his taunts, Wyne grabbed the boy by the shoulder, and was greeted with a vicious assault from Maximilian.
Wyne had his arm broke in three places, his pelvis crushed, a fractured skull and two shattered knees before he hit the ground, his friends didn’t fair much better. When the instructors broke up the fight, only one of Wyne’s crew was still standing, nursing a fist full of broken fingers, while Maximilian seemed calm and in control. The Clerics and Instructors knew what they had to do with Maximilian, and shipped him off to become one of the youngest Arbitors ever to come from their school.
Maximilian was shipped out to the planet Carvilan, a Hive planet known for its disdain for Arbitors and huge criminal operations. There Maximilian learned what it was to be hardened in combat, daily risking his life to uphold the one thing he had come to believe in; Justice. He cared not as much for the law, but for its concept. He became known and feared for his brutal methods and violent punishments, eventually his nickname on the street became Maximus Gore, a play on words refereeing to the high body count he had acquired in a five year career.
It wasn’t until he was called upon for a mission to the mining world of Luggnum, that the Inquisition took notice of him. He, along with forty nine other Investigators journeyed to the planet, expecting to find a small cult in the mines. Once there however, Gore and his Peers quickly learned the truth about the Mines, that it was nothing more than a charnel house created by the Noble whose domain it was, Lady Grey.
Maximus was one of five surviving Arbitors to locate Lady Grey, and confront her, only to discover she had been corrupted by something dark and dangerous. Maximus and two others managed to escape off planet, seeking to report what they had found, so the evil could truly be destroyed. Of the fifty men, only six managed to find their way off planet alongside Gore.
Of those seven men and women, only Gore volunteered to return to the mines of Luggnum, choosing to return to help guide the Castigation Purge, and secretly hoping to locate Lady Grey and bring Justice down on her head. Maximus got his wish, being one of the first to return to Lady Grey’s personal quarters, Maximus and a squad of Arbitors went toe to toe with the powerful heretic, only to lose more than half their number. Maximus was seriously wounded in the battle, and personally emptied his bolters into her flesh, just before she seemed to be crushed by a cave in.
It was months before the truth was revealed about Lady Grey, that she was in fact Myrchella Sinderfell a woman thought dead for over a hundred years. As her body was never found, Maximus had his doubts about her being dead. A fact he had little time to consider before Inquisitor Whin arrived. Maximus accepted Whin’s proposal, joining the Inquisition, hoping to locate and destroy the monster he battled on Luggnum. Justice, after all, must be served.

Maximus Gore

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