Victus Krell

Built like a tank, Krell is an imposing figure just in sheer size. He wears his guardsmen uniform with pride and is never found without his gasmask, his heavy repeating lasgun, or his newest toy the purifier.


Krell is a large imposing man with close cropped black hair, and bright blue eyes. His face is covered in scars and ritual tattoos, as is his entire body. Krell normally wears a gas mask, and only removes it in the company of friends. Krell wears the uniform of the Pyroclast, a variant of the Guardsmen uniform, in blacks and grays, along with a great Flak Coat. He has two massive weapons on him at all times, Betsy, a unique heavy repeating Lasgun, and Purifier, a Heavy Flamer, iconic to the Pyroclast. Krell cuts a serious and deadly figure in his uniform. Out of his armor and uniform, Krell is found of dark military style clothing under his great gray flak coat. One doesn’t have to look hard to see his cybernetic left arm, or it’s fine craftsmanship. Near him almost constantly is his Cyber-Mastiff, which he jokingly named K-9.


Krell was born on Incendia, a desolate desert planet made up of wondering tribesmen who where always at war with each other. Krell belonged to the Blood Walkers, a viscous and spiritual warrior tribe, one of the largest on the planet. When the Black ships came to reintroduce Incendia back to the Imperium, it was Krell’s father, the chief of the Blood Walkers, who rebelled. It was Krell’s mother, the Tribe’s shaman, who suffered. She was taken to the black ship, and Krell’s father was killed. Krell was captured, and sentanced to serve the Imperium as a Guardsman. Unmarred, Krell went. After his training was complete, Krell and a small unit was sent out on a mission, but instead crashed landed on a abandoned prison planet. It was there that Krell learned what true corruption could do to a man’s soul, it was by the mere dent of his survival that he was approached by Wynn. Since he became a member of the Inquisition, Krell has slowly began to see the sacrifice his parents made, and why the Imperium of Man needed to operate as it had for thousands of years.

Victus Krell

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