Dryas (Drug)

Emergency survival tool


Dryas is a compound originally derived from a series of desert
dwelling lizards native to the agri-world of Dreah, synthesized
by Mechanicus explorators and available commercially as an
emergency survival tool. Dryas causes biochemical changes
in the human body enabling extended periods of survival in
arid atmospheres or when there is no fresh water. Side effects
of taking dryas include atrophied taste and smell, and a very
unpleasant sense of weakness and lassitude. Few take dryas
without an extreme need to do so.
A single dose of dryas lasts for three days. During that time, the
character taking it receives a +20 bonus to Survival Tests made in
arid environments and he requires only half of his usual water intake.
However, he suffers a –10 penalty to all Strength and Perception
based Tests while under its influence. In addition, those under its
effects also suffer a –5 penalty to all Fellowship based Tests due to
their slurred speech and vacant manner. Dryas is not addictive, but
extended use can cause permanent systemic damage.

Dryas (per dose) 200 — Rare
IH p154


Dryas (Drug)

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