Ghostfire Pollen Extract (Combat Drug)

Combat Drug


An incredibly dangerous liquid distilled from the
condensed pollen of the Ghostfire flowers of Iocanthos,
Ghostfire extract is the material from which the bulk
of the Segmentum Obscurus’s versions of Frenzon are
actually derived. The potency of the extract is such that
the Imperium long ago concluded it was a far better
idea to create a “lesser version” than lose soldiers to the
overwhelming effects of a pure dose.
A dose of Ghostfire pollen extract grants the Fearless and
Frenzy talents and the Unnatural Agility (×2) trait. The effects
last for 2d10 minutes. As a side effect, however, the user takes
1 point of Damage (ignoring Armour and Toughness Bonus)
as he bleeds through his pores.

Ghostfire Extract† 300 — Very Rare
IH p184


Ghostfire Pollen Extract (Combat Drug)

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