Night Dust (Drug)


The predatory Nightwings of Dusk produce a potent
narcotic dust that they use to subdue their victims, lulling
them into a nightmarish stupor, while the haemovoric
Nightwing quickly sucks them dry. This substance,
harvested from captured or slain creatures and rendered
down into a concentrated form, is a powerful and prohibited
drug. Usually burned as incense or, for a more powerful
effect, dissolved in amasec, the dream-racked stupor that
night dust induces can last for days, and the term “dusk
dream” has long since become local parlance on Malfi for
an unexpected disappearance or bout of madness.
A single dose imposes a –20 penalty on all Tests, while
the imbiber experiences mild hallucinations and becomes
disassociated from their emotions. After 2d10 minutes, the
afflicted character slips into a deep feverish slumber filled
with vivid and often violent dreams reflecting the darkest
facets of their own mind. This state lasts for 1d10 hours and
upon wakening the character must succeed on an Ordinary
(+10) Willpower Test or gain 1d5 Insanity Points from
the experience. Drinking the dust is far more potent and
dangerous: the effects last 41d0 hours and the Willpower
Test to avoid Insanity Points is Difficult (–10).

Night Dust 25 — Very Rare
IH p129


Night Dust (Drug)

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