A somewhat dangerous all-in-one injection


A somewhat dangerous all-in-one injection covering
almost anything that can be wrong with someone. It
includes an anti-bacterial serum, a blood clotting agent,
an allergen, poison and radiation antidote broad-band
immune booster, vitamins, a white cell stimulator and
a sedative. This much stimulation to the body’s system
can also cause massive shock, but when faced with a
life or death situation against an unknown ailment some
medicae take the gamble. An application of this drug
allows the patient to immediately re-roll any failed Tests
to resist disease or toxins and automatically stops Blood
Loss. However, users must also immediately succeed on a
Toughness Test or take 1d5 points of Damage ignoring
Armour and Toughness Bonus.

Rainbow† 75 — Rare
IH p184



Semita Lucis Prisonsexx