Slam (Combat Drug) V1

the worst kind of combat drug imaginable


Originating in the infamous Hive Volg on Fenksworld, slam
is the worst kind of combat drug imaginable. Harvested
from the chemical residue found in the intestinal tracts of
the man-sized corpse roaches infesting the meat-sumps, it
is first crystallised and then ground into a bile-yellow dust.
Slam triggers a biological reaction, causing a massive boost
in pain resistance and physical power. The user’s muscles and
veins visibly spasm and pulse under its influence. Though
the effects are short-lived, it is highly sought after despite
the long-term damage to the nervous system that even the
smallest dose induces.
A character who consumes a dose of slam gains the benefits
of the Unnatural Strength (× 2) and Unnatural Toughness
(× 2) traits for 1d5 Rounds. Once the drug has run its
course, a user permanently reduces their Strength and Agility
Characteristics by 1d5.

Slam 100 — Common (Volg), Very Rare (elsewhere)
IH p130


Slam (Combat Drug) V1

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