Somna (Drug)

a powerful coma-like effect


An unusual and powerful drug to say the least, somna
is a synthesised extract taken from the pollen of the
Nephyis Orchid of Iocanthos. In its refined form, it is
capable of producing a powerful coma-like effect in the
subject, shutting down the metabolism and life processes,
almost to the verge of death, and plunging the mind into
a bottomless oblivion beyond the deepest sleep. The
subject of somna appears to all but the most probing
medical examination to be dead and can survive in this
state for days or weeks without food or water and with
almost no air. Aside from its medical uses, somna has
been put to numerous nefarious purposes in the past from
kidnapping, feigning death to evade capture and even as a
particularly cruel murder weapon (with the victim waking
up to find themselves buried alive.) In recent years, the
more vicious narco-gangs of the Sibillan underhive have
also used heavily adulterated somna to create “spiral
black”, a highly potent and extremely dangerous variant
of obscura.
Safely using somna, (the exact dosage must be calculated
for each subject), requires a successful Difficult (–10)
Medicae Test. A failed Test leads to unpredictable results,
such that a failure by four degrees or more results in
death. A successful Test places the subject into a deathlike
trance for a period of time between one to ten days.
The subject can be roused before this predetermined time
by applying a stimm directly to the heart, but this is
risky, and the subject must succeed on a Toughness Test
or die from cardiac arrest.

IH p130


Somna (Drug)

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