Spirit Tonic, Munsk

a swig can dull the pangs of fear so they can confront their spouse


Originating from the planet of Munsk in the Josian Reach,
spirit tonic is an alcoholic brew produced mainly on the
northern continent. Its ingredients are not wildly known,
though, there are rumours that the corpses of the small
rodents dominating that area of the planet may be the primary
ingredient, however, such whispers have yet to be proven.
Regardless, steed tonic is infamous for its wretched flavour,
inspiring many theories about just what exactly is in it.
Known to its detractors as “coward juice”, consuming a
measure of this foul fluid inspires a degree of “courage” to
the imbiber. The natives of Munsk believe a swig can dull
the pangs of fear and thus nearly all warriors drink the fluid
before hunting, waging war or confronting their spouse.
This vile concoction conceals a powerful narcotic poison,
once ingested it grants a +10 bonus on all Fear Tests made for
the next 1d5 hours. However, it impairs judgment, inflicting a
–10 penalty on all Intelligence based Tests during this period.
This substance is also addictive and more than capable of
inflicting permanent brain damage in a frequent user.

IH p105


Spirit Tonic, Munsk

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