Styger Milk, Fervious

A real mans drink


The Styger is a beast of burden found on Fervious. Shortly
after a Styger gives birth to a whelp, it produces a viscous
fluid on which its young feeds. So thick is this vile substance
that when a human consumes it, the milk coats the throat,
windpipe and stomach for up to a day after being ingested.
As well as being full of nutrients and proteins, the people
of Fervious have found that the milk engenders resilience to
poisons and toxins.
The Styger milk is so effective at neutralizing toxins that all
Fervious’s nobles, as a matter of course, drink it before eating.
This has led to substantial trade for Styger dairy farmers who,
before the discovery of the milk’s benefits, were nothing more
than just peasants. Now the dairy farmers have grown rich
and powerful in their own right, fighting amongst themselves
in the hopes of gaining a monopoly.
Anyone who drinks a dose of Styger milk gains a 20
Resistance to ingested poisons. The effects of Styger milk last
for 1d5 hours, however, its long-term effects can be unpleasant,
and aside from degrading the user’s sense of taste, every time
it is used the drinker must take a Challenging (
0) Toughness
Test or suffer 1 point of permanent Toughness Damage.

Styger Milk — 75 Very Rare
IH p105


Styger Milk, Fervious

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