Syckle Oil, Tygress V

Feral machine/blade oil


Made from linn seeds found only on the feral world of
Tygress V, syckle oil can be used on any metal blade. The oil
coats the blade giving it a bright sheen and making the metal
all but frictionless. It will also prevent rust and tarnishing.
Weaponsmiths use the oil on simple mechanisms, such as
flintlock triggers, to prevent them jamming.
Applying syckle oil to a bladed melee weapon or primitive
firearm allows the user to re-roll any failed Test that would
result in it being broken or Jammed. An application of the
oil lasts for 1d10+4 attacks with the weapon or 12 hours,
whichever comes first.

Syckle Oil – 12 Scarce
IH p104


Syckle Oil, Tygress V

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