Torpor (Drug)

negate their ability to use Psychic Powers


Long used by the masters of the Black Ships to control
their harvest of charges, torpor is a chemical cocktail
of neural-inhibitors and narcotics deigned to render
the subject docile and, more importantly, negate their
ability to use Psychic Powers. Likewise the Holy Ordos
maintains it own supplies of Torpor for prisoner control
and other uses, while hereteks and some cults have been
known to manufacture their somewhat unreliable version
for their own dark purposes.
A single dose of torpor lasts for 1d10 minus the subject’s
Toughness Bonus in hours, during which time the subject
is overcome by a grey anxiety-ridded haze in which he
counts as Fatigued and must succeed in a Difficult (–20)
Willpower Test to perform any Actions of his own volition.
In addition, psychic characters have their Psy-Rating
reduced by 4 while under this drug’s effects.

Torpor (Drug) — 500ea Very Rare
IH 196


Torpor (Drug)

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