Verita (Drug)

A powerful and singular hallucinogenic


The existence of verita is largely a secret and the Ordos
Calixis are very happy to keep it that way. A powerful
and singular hallucinogenic, once taken, the drinker’s
perceptions shift slowly to reveal the seeming interplay of
distant realms, past, present and future; leading its addicts to
claim that they can “see through time” to uncover unknown
truths and witness incredible visions. Whether verita’s gifts
are mere illusions or a sudden immersive vision unfettered
by the mortal perceptions of time, is a matter that remains
unresolved, but its effects alone are enough to have the
Ordos declare it a Moral Threat.
The substance’s composition is unknown with many of
its trace constituents completely defying analysis. When
encountered, it usually takes the form of a viscous deep
blue liquid, with a scent suggestive both of flower blossoms
and subtle rot. Verita is a drug restricted by its rarity and
cost to the very wealthy.
Consuming verita imposes a –10 penalty on Willpower
Tests and a –20 penalty on Perception Tests for 3d10
minutes. While affected, the imbiber experiences visions and
altered perceptions as determined by the GM. The user is
always convinced of the truth of these visions and indeed,
the contents of their “waking dream” can be valuable for
overcoming some challenge or difficulty. Once the drug has
run its course, the imbiber must succeed on a Willpower Test
or gain 1d5 Insanity Points. Those victims who gain at least
1 Insanity Point also have a 20% chance of gaining 1d5
Corruption Points as well.

IH p130


Verita (Drug)

Semita Lucis Prisonsexx